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Zarządzanie Ciągłością Działania, Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

AI Advisor

From BIA and Risk Assessment, to testing, scenario-based planning, to business continuity event handling.

We support incident response teams with Workflow, intelligence and data analytics. 

BCMLogic helps companies respond faster, better coordinate and more intelligently respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Real-time situational center integrated with incident handling. Our platform provides real-time analytics for crisis management.


The full view of the risk analysis (360 view) is based on the combination of internal (processes, assets, IT) and external (threats, business environment) data.

Automatic analysis of the impact of reported incidents (also with infrastructure monitoring systems) on the continuity of business processes.

Forms and documents periodically updated with data from the platform, always up-to-date plans.

Two-way communication available online in real time, connection trees (alternating contacts, auto-retry).

​​The incident life cycle and the flow of information between systems are modeled in a graphical tool and supported by one consistent Workflow mechanism . It allows for flexible management of statuses and actions within the given user permissions. 

Incident Hub integrates sources of data about incidents in the organization and automates the process of collecting these data and handling them (creating incidents, registering vulnerabilities, measuring risk parameters, SLA measurements).

Incident Hub offers a set of ready-made connectors for security systems (SIEM, IT monitoring) and incident handling systems (SD, SOC).

Wybrani klienci

Our solution is an "ERP for security" that integrates processes and tools on a single platform that ensure the resilience of the enterprise against threats, potential interruptions in the provision of digital services and the implementation of business processes. Digital transformation requires a new approach to security management. BCMLogic ONE is here a comprehensive solution for both large and medium-sized companies.

"We strongly believe that any organization that fails to deal effectively with day-to-day incidents will not be able to survive a major accident or disaster, even if the business continuity plan and cybersecurity procedures will be prepared and ready to use.  The early detection and incident handling process is a key factor. Based on this assumption, we have created a fully integrated incident management process and support for application functionality with standard tasks in the field of business continuity, risk analysis and monitoring the condition of business processes."- BCMLogic One Solution Architect

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