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Process operationalization

Processes, procedures, data, notifications and reports in one data model and business application dedicated to support and automation of activities related to the National Cybersecurity System.

Organizations that are subject to obligations under the Act on the National Cybersecurity System are prepared in terms of procedures, trained and organized personnel and technical measures related to protection against threats. These activities are labor-intensive and require a lot of manual work, maintaining documents, preparing reports. Reducing the workload and focusing on substantive activities requires the automation of the implemented processes in the area of security. BCMLogic ONE is advanced software that supports and enriches employees and technical resources thanks to modules such as:

  • Security Incident Management module

  • Risk Analysis and Management module

  • Incident Management module

  • Audit Management module

and elements that automate work:

  • a common data model, covering processes and services, organizational structure, employees
    and their roles in processes, business objects

  • fully definable workflow

  • assign and monitor recommendations, corrective and corrective actions

  • notifications and reminders

  • dynamically generated documents based on templates

  • standard and dedicated reports

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View on KSC from the perspective of different functions within the same organization

The application is a tool that supports and facilitates the operation of various functions and roles in the organization, not only in the context of KSC (National Cybersecurity System), but other regulations and business requirements. Every feature benefits  customized dashboards and built-in knowledge , all while having access to  common and integrated information .

Ready solution supporting the implementation of KSC requirements

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