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AI GRC Large Language Model

AI solution dedicated to grc and cybersecurity


Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way many processes are carried out in various industries. Its dynamic development also brings new opportunities to support people and teams responsible for security, risks and business continuity. Tools such as chatGPT are widely used, but they only have general, non-specialist knowledge in these areas and it cannot be considered expert knowledge.

Our advanced AI RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) solution is a GRC expert who combines the ease of interaction provided by chatGPT tools with current expert knowledge and a dedicated model (knowledge base) related to security in business. Our solution also has the ability to learn how your organization operates (based on documentation, regulations, policies, data in systems, risk and incident register) and act as an expert supporting these areas.

  • Based on specialized, constantly updated knowledge about security standards and norms

  • Uses knowledge about your organization (policies, internal regulations)

  • Independent of the IT solutions used - integrates via API with any applications and is available with our online tool

  • Possibility of use in the SaaS model and within your own infrastructure (no information goes outside your organization

  • Automates and supports up to 80% of compliance and security management tasks


Risk analysis

  • analysis of the risk register in the context of consistency and completeness in relation to the industry profile and guidelines of individual norms and standards

  • creating risk reports using an interactive AI chat

  • preparing a risk management plan and describing potential causes of risk materialization​


Security documentation

  • Creating security documentation by AI based on the organization's guidelines and profile (internal data)

  • verification of compliance of existing documentation with the indicated norms and standards (e.g. DORA, NIS2)


Handling security incidents

  • analysis of a new incident in the context of the history of historical events. Determining the recommended classification (triage) and incident management plan (playbook)​


Supplier management

  • assessing the security documentation provided by the supplier in the context of your organization's requirements and industry standards

  • a dynamically built list of risks for the supplier based on the information provided and information obtained from external sources (business registers, etc.)


Business continuity management

  • analysis of internal procedures and plans as well as supplier documentation

  • assessment of compliance with BCM standards



Our model (RAG) was prepared based on specialist knowledge of security, risk and compliance. We have included and constantly update the current state of knowledge about standards and regulations

see scope of knowledge


Our solution allows installation on your infrastructure. (this includes the language models used). No data goes outside



Integrate our AI solution with any application using our API. You also have the opportunity to interact via our online tool

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