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Incident Managment

BCMLogic Platform Incident Manager enables faster and more effective response through the orchestration and automation of security processes. It works seamlessly with the prevention and detection systems you use today to create a central hub for Incident Management.

  • Synthesizing data from existing security and IT systems (including endpoint security tools, IT infrastructure monitoring, and SD systems) to provide critical, real-time information.
  • Performing Real-time Business Impact Analysis based on BIA and RA as well as analytical decision support engine
  • Orchestrating response processes by making alerts actionable and streamlining response tasks
  • Empowering security teams to automate and fine-tune response processes and workflows


We focus on leveraging the results of analysis in order to effectively respond to incidents. Platform:

  • Determines the impact of the event in scope of business processes, assets and timeframes (RTO, MTPD, RPO)
  • Provisions resource required for a recovery
  • Builds dynamically the recommended response plan for an event
  • Coordinates the execution of procedures, tasks in real time (command center)
  • Can simulate incidents and disaster scenarios in order to check the readiness