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Flexible platform

Unmatched flexibility and adaptability
BCMLogic Platform is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Flexibility is critical as each company’s security/risk analytics requirements are unique. Unlimited flexibility is the key differentiator in BCMLogic Platform solution. It allows companies to customise each part of the solution using the configuration features adapting to their business needs or unique situations.

Extensive usage of the relational database linking all the organisational assets enables the retrieval of the right information to take the right decisions at the right time.

Self- service dashboards– users can create and configure own dashboards composing them from the library of available data widgets and charts

User interface– all labels, names, descriptions can be ammended by the user without code changes

Documents templates– our dynamic documentation engine can convert any static MS Word document into always up-to-date dynamic content document

Notification templates- all notifications delivered by email/SMS/voice are fully customisable. You can adapt content, delivery channel, response options etc.

Dictionaries and registries – Platform is built on more then 200 dictionary and registry lists. You can adapt all of those two your specific requirements

Workflows- Platform provides set of standard out-of-the-box workflows. You can adapt those to your requirements