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BCMLogic Company

Data driven platform for Digital Business Resiliency


BCMLogic platform is a data driven tool supporting risk analytics, security and continuity of business

Our team has designed the analytical platform dedicated for business, technology risk and security. Platform is interactive, visual, mobile and seamlessly integrated with existing IT systems. On top of the platform we have built fully integrated workflows and functionalities bringing together threats and incident monitoring, risk analysis and information security management.



We know typical IT-business problems

Our main scope is related to delivering software tools supporting medium to large companies within the comprehensive process and fully automated workflow, existing systems and business applications integration for providing real-time events management capabilities.
Our Clients receives interactive digital cockpit that reveals vital business availability information in real time to help IT and business executives prioritize IT operations to maximize business results.

The company also offer consultancy services, configuration and implementation of tools, integration with 3rd party software systems, development of procedural and end-user training guides, custom software and module development.

Our software delivery and consulting services are ISO27001:2005 certified, we are proud member of British Standards Institution Associate Consultant Program (membership 162).

BCMLogic is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland